What clients say about our service

Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment

“The scorecard was very informative, and it will guide us to ensure that any renovations that we undertake will improve the overall sustainability and energy efficiency of our house. 

John van Rooden from Energy Smart Advisors knowledge and approach made the whole process informative and beneficial.”   –   Peter Reid, Ballarat North

Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment

“It was great having John assess our house. He turned up on time, got through everything in the allotted two hours and I was really interested in what we have done about sustainability and what we want to do in the future. 

Having a scorecard result means we feel our efforts are acknowledged and now we know what to do in the future to make our house even more sustainable. Excellent!” –      Jane Lean, Coghills Creek

Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessment

“John from Energy Smart Advisors did an energy efficiency assessment of the house we built in 2002. At that time we tried to include the latest energy efficiency measures into the design. 

As a building inspector I am aware of the significant improvements in energy efficiency measures over the last 15 years.  As the house is uncomfortably warm on hot days,  I was interested to learn how the house could be improved in both comfort and running costs. 

John’s assessment rated the house 5 out of 10 which surprised me however he was able to show me which aspects were not performing.  He advised where improvements could be made and which ones would benefit the house most.

I found the assessment valuable because it identified areas for improvement and quantified which ones would provide the greatest benefit for the least money.

I would recommend the assessment to anyone wanting to improve the comfort and running costs of their house.”     – David Thacker, Torquay