Independent Solar PV, Hot Water and Battery Storage Advice

  • Are you considering installing a solar PV system or even a solar hot water or battery storage system at your government solar incentives and rebates business or for your organisation?
  • Are you seeking independent advice on the benefits of these systems and whether the investment suit your lifestyle and budget?
  • Are you confused about the system options and do you seek confidence in choosing the system that’s right for your circumstances when dealing with suppliers?
  • Are you confused by government solar incentives and rebates?

Energy Smart Advisors have extensive experience in analysing optimum solar systems for households, businesses and community projects. We are not associated with solar systems suppliers or installers and as a consequence can provide independent, practical advice.

Energy Smart Advisors use the detailed Solar Sunulator program developed by the non for profit – Alternative Technology Association to determine the financial feasibility and optimum sizing for your solar system.

The Solar PV analysis is based on your energy bill tariffs, the actual half hourly energy usage data obtained from your power distributor and an assessment of available solar installation space.

Requirements to do an assessment

  • A copy of your recent power bill
  • Details of your half hourly interval data obtained freely through your power distributor
  • Aerial image of your property (we will obtain from google maps)
  • An understanding of any changes to your lifestyle impacting on energy usage patterns

What to expect from your assessment

A written report detailing:

  • Current energy usage patterns
  • Review of solar PV and other renewable energy options
  • Assessment of power and cost savings
  • Indication of financial payback period and investment return
  • Indication of greenhouse gas emissions reduction
  • Advice of government incentives and rebates