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John van Rooden

Originally graduating as an engineer,  John has been involved in the sustainability and energy efficiency fields for the past 10 years. 

A passion for sustainability has led to teaching sustainability related topics at RMIT, Holmesglen and Federation University. Later, a role as Sustainability Officer for Hepburn Shire Council has given John extensive experience in the Local Government and Community sector.  

John has also provided  consultancy services for community and non for profit organisations including the Community Power Hub project funded through Sustainability Victoria. 

John has had experience in commercial and household energy assessment and provided Scorecard assessment services for households in the Waubra area on behalf of the Waubra Wind Farm Community Fund.      

Mobile:  0400 054 226

Dale Boucher

Dale is a qualified accountant who changed careers and followed his passion for sustainability.  For 10 years Dale was Sustainability Officer for Federation University Australia. Dale was responsible for sustainability initiatives across 7 campuses in Victoria.

Dale introduced key achievements at Federation University, which included: – Energy Efficiency, Carbon Accounting, Environmental Footprint and Sustainable Education.

Dale has undertaken major sustainability improvements to his own home including: a full insulation upgrade, double glazing retrofit, added insulating paint to the roof, draft-proofing, installed a heat transfer system for heating cooler rooms, and installed evacuated solar tubes for hot water, and solar panels for energy generation.